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I collect ideas until a project claims them. If an idea does not fit into an open outline, then I hold it aside until a suitable home can be found in a new project. I typically work on a project until I get stuck, then move on to another in rotation. This is especially true in the outlining stage. I outline extensively to capture all the ideas and decisions that should go into a story. Once an outline covers everything I want in a story, I write successive drafts, each one including more details and decisions. I know I'm done when a story says everything I ever wanted it to say throughout all the times I have worked on it. On this page I share with you the projects that are currently cooking on the stove top. 


The Dove and the Crow

When Folklorist Willa Freedlund pursues a mysterious fragrance to a Swiss farm, she finds herself in a world with witches, wizards, monsters, and mercurial gods. Her knowledge of stories helps her fit in, but it is her experience with abuse that leads her on a quest to free an enslaved goddess and restore the balance of magic that is essential for her adopted home to survive. As the witch Naomi helps Willa to heal, Willa learns to heal her new world.

Status: Manuscript complete and with outside editor. Estimated 2024.

flesh and plastic.jpg

The Price

A prince discovers the lie behind his space faring civilization’s success and gives up his life of luxury to expose the truth. The wealthy and powerful will do anything to stop him. Thus begins the saga of Cedrick, who fights and steals his way across the galaxy to find the core of the greatest conspiracy ever perpetrated. His only allies are the expendable androids who see him as their savior, for it is the secret behind their very existence he is trying to reveal.

Each chapter of this space adventure novel has a different character see Cedrick in a different way, from scoundrel to adversary to savior. This may be produced as a comicbook series.

Status: Outline complete. First draft in progress. Estimated 2025.

Lemuria cropped.jpg

The Two Flowers

When the kings of two warring city states in ancient lost Atlantis are killed in battle, their children must uncover and break a family curse to find peace. Well-meaning lies layer onto dark secrets to create what appears an impossible tangle. Can the adversary prince and princess overcome meddling gods and overreaching priests to keep their kingdoms from following their fathers' path to mutual destruction? 


Status: Two act opera. Libretto complete but being modified to place it in Atlantis. Music not started. Estimated 2026.


Hasfar Aldueen seizes the chance to escape his stifling desert caravan life for one of adventure, only to find himself in the midst of a war against invading demons. Nothing is as it first appears as he unravels the source of the war and his fated role in it. Ancient curses and hidden secrets are around every corner in this high fantasy first installment.


In the sequels, Doors and Cha, Hasfar tracks down his missing father and discovers the demon war has wrecked tragedy across dozens of worlds. Can he find a way to remove his world from the path of destruction in time?

Status: Horns first draft complete. Working on second draft. Sequel outlines complete.

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