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"How to Build Your Author Platform" class for the California Writers Club - Berkeley Branch

The California Writers Club - Berkeley Branch invited me to give a talk on how to use multiple avenues to refine and reach an author's audience. Here is a link to the filmed Zoom meeting, complete with an excellent Q&A after. Check it out here.


Sammael vs. Michael Fight from Goddess Rising Reprinted in Drink Tank #444

The Hugo Award winning fanzine Drink Tank reprinted Chapter 22 from Goddess Rising as part of its Lucifer Issue. This is the scene where Sammael (Lucifer's original angelic name) battles his brother the Archangel Michael in a cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. Check it out here.


Amador Writers Ensemble interviews me live!

Tho Nguyen and Arlina Yang of the Amador Writers Ensemble (the writing club at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, California) asked me some great questions and I had a lot of fun answering them for their Lighthouse Magazine. They excerpted my answers and posted the mp4 of the live interview. Great stuff. Check it out here.


Steve Stred interviewed me on his 3Qs blog about The Insane God


Steve Stred has been interviewing top name authors since 2017. It was an honor to be on his blog. Check it out here.


Trisha Sugarek published a four-part interview of me on her Writer at Play blog.
In depth, fun topics, lots of new insights. Each segment links to the next part.

Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four.


Ginger Nuts of Horror publishes essay The Horror of Humanity: The Insane God


The esteemed British blog gave me space to talk about my motivations in writing The Insane God. Check it out here.


Small Publishing in a Big Universe interviews me about The Insane God


L. A. Jacob run an in depth 17 minute interview with me about my inspirations and research for The Insane God . Check it out here.


Book Readers Heaven blogs the launch of The Insane God


After the release of The Insane God on May 1, 2022, Glenda Bixler devoted her blog to a tour of the new book. The chapters are titled after the songs that inspired me, and form a playlist to listen to while reading the book. Glenda built her review around excerpts and video clips of all the songs! It is really quite an amazing tour! Check it out here.


That's What I'm Talking About "Sunday Snipet" is Mermaid Steel


Mermaid Steel is the featured "Sunday Snipet" on Jen Twimom's blog That's What I'm Talking About. Check it out here.


Drink Tank #435 "The Occult" publishes Soul Song


The Hugo Award winning fanzine Drink Tank has published my horror short story Soul Song, starting at page 13. Read it here.


The Art of the Thriller - hosted by the Coastal Cruisers chapter of the Sisters in Crime

I gave a lecture with Q&A via Zoom on what distinguishes the Thriller genre. The class was very well attended. If you missed it, the session was recorded and you can find it on YouTube here.

4/3 & 4/4/21

Flint Horror Collective April Ghoul's Day


I will be reading a horrific excerpt from Goddess Chosen at the Flint Horror Collective's April Ghoul's Day event, held Saturday and Sunday, April 3 and 4, 2021. Come join me and a dozen other weavers of terror at this weekend long virtual celebration of all things horror. Check it out! Event Page here. The recording of my reading is here.


Interviewed by Lois Lane Investigates Authors about Mermaid Steel


The online column Lois Lane Investigates Authors interviewed me about Mermaid Steel. Come find out behind the scenes secrets on the worldbuilding in the book, and the importance of writing stories with a social conscience. Check it out!

Article here. 


Mystery and Suspense Magazine Article


Mystery and Suspense Magazine has published my overview of the Paranormal Thriller/Urban Fantasy genre. The whole magazine is great fun. Check it out!

Article here. 


Interviewed by Fae Productions on Author Reads


Fairy Princess Lolly (Ammie Hague) interviewed me about Mermaid Steel on her show Author Reads on Friday the 13th. Lucky indeed. Catch the conversation on replay here. She puts on three shows a week, including a home shopping show featuring faire crafters (since we can't go to faires anymore). Subscribe to her channel or Patreon to support her keeping the magic alive. 


Mermaid Steel Virtual Launch Party


Water Dragon Publishing hosted a virtual launch party of Mermaid Steel on Friday, November 6 on Zoom. Go here to watch a three-minute excerpt where I discuss the relevance of telling a story about systemic prejudice. Watch here


Interviewed by Jahmil Effend for Books by Authors


Jahmil Effend interviewed me for his podcat Books by Authors on Monday, November 2, 2020. We talked about story structure, knowing your audience, and staying motivated to finish your work. Listen here. 


Reading from "The Gift" for San Mateo Public Library Tales of Horror event

I did a reading from my story "The Gift" for the San Mateo Public Library "Tales of Horror" Halloween event, hosted by my friends at "The Gift" originally was published in the Hugo Award Winning magazine Drink Tank. You can the recording on YouTube here.


Interviewed by Chris Garcia at NASFiC

Hugo Award winning fanzine publisher Christopher J. Garcia interviewed me for the North American Science Fiction Convention. NASFiC was virtual this year, but still filled with great panels, an art show, a costume contest, and of course great fannish company. Chris and I talked about enduring themes in pop fiction. Why Pop Fiction Doesn't Need to Be Popcorn. Watch here.


Mermaid Steel to be released November 6, 2020

The fantasy romance novel Mermaid Steel will be released by the Water Dragon imprint of Paper Angel Press on November 6, 2020 with cover art by famed painter Lee Moyer. What starts out as a romance quickly becomes an exploration of race relations and the power of love over hatred in this tale of two villages on the brink of war. I am amazed at how topical this story has become in 2020. You are in for a treat!

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