Often compared to Michael Crichton by critics. Endorsed by horror master John Shirley. Selected for "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading 2013," published by The Authors Show.

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Goddess Chosen

ISBN: 978-1949139587

BEST THRILLER - Independent eBook Awards 2012

The man who would beat the devil isn't a hero, but a ruthless madman.


Running from his dark past, former Duvalier hit man Charles Redmond is forced to take sides in a battle that has been raging since Exodus, between a power mad magician named Silas Alverado and Sammael, the Demon Prince of Liars. When Charles's beloved Voodou is threatened with extinction, he must wager his life between pure evil and the man who could destroy the world. Charles's psychiatrist Sanantha Mauwad steps into this maelstrom of nightmares, violence and insanity to help Charles find his strength. She tries to save Charles's mind but can she save his soul?

Goddess Daughter
ISBN: 978-1949139631
How far can you genetically alter someone before she becomes someone else? Before she loses her soul?


A breakthrough in human cloning leads to unspeakable evil. Psychiatrist Sanantha Mauwad is back, helping a world leading geneticist recover a four month memory gap in which his wife was killed and his daughter was left in a coma. But as she unravels the mystery, she finds nothing and no one are as they appear. Cutting edge science and ancient cults collide in this tale of too much power driven by too much passion.

Goddess Rising
ISBN: 978-1949139686

Saved by a goddess, but only as a tool for revenge?


In this final chapter of the Isis Rising trilogy, the nascent goddess Desiree meets the Egyptian archangel Joseph while ghostbusting the myth of Saint Patrick. Aided by her psychiatrist Sanantha, Desiree discovers she is a pawn in a revenge quest Isis has been planning for thousands of years. Once again gods and demons war on Earth with our heroes fighting not just for survival, but justice.


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Mermaid Steel

ISBN: 978-1953469106

A human blacksmith and a mermaid weaver fall in love and must overcome the fear and hatred that divides their neighboring villages. Only by reconciling deep cultural differences can the forbidden lovers bring their peoples back from the brink of war.

A grand adventure, a hero with a dark past, a powerful goddess, and a message of hope for us all.


The Mirror's Revenge

Flowinglass Music

The Rest of the Story You Think You Know


Why did the Evil Queen want to kill Snow White instead of marrying her strategically to grow the kingdom? How “happily ever after” could Snow White live after being dead for six months? How did Snow’s father’s die? Who was really behind the mayhem, and are they done?

Original Cast album of the musical. Available through Flowinglass Music.

The First and Second Edition rulebooks have been combined with the supplements Reactor and The Heroes of Poseidonis in one Classic Reprint book. Also produced by Precis Intermedia is the 3rd Edition rulebook, with streamlined rules and expanded game aides.