The Mirror's Revenge


The rest of the story you think you know

The Mirror's Revenge was a huge success. One reviewer called it, "a triumph in music, theme, and story." Read the review here. Chelsea Bardellini, a Choreographer and Director I admire, wrote, "Your show last night was really excellent! Congratulations!" Another attendee wrote, "With strong vocals and clever staging, it's everything local theater should be, clever, funny, and full of heart." About 150 people saw the play at it's gala premier at the World Science Fiction Convention in San Jose and another 150 folks saw it at our regular run in Vallejo. Over 100 people also saw it on YouTube here where I posted a filming for consideration to be nominated for a Hugo Award. We did not get enough votes to get the nomination. We were competing with some very popular television shows. I am thrilled to have brought this show to over 400 people.  I wrote an article about the experience for the Hugo Award winning magazine Drink Tank. It is both a cautionary tale and a celebration of the effort. Read "Regina Snow Victorious" at page 24 here​. I edited all the changes we made to the play during production into the script and sheet music. The package is now in circulation with theatrical publishers. Wish me luck!

One of my actresses, Bailey Barnard, earned a nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her multiple parts in the play at the Napa and Sonoma County Arty Awards in 2019. Congratulations Bailey!


Writing, directing, and producing an original musical was a superhuman task, but it showed me that seemingly impossible things can be achieved if you get the right people on board to help. I could not have done it without the unflagging support of my Stage Manager Ashira Macy, the patience of my Music Director Jay Krohnengold and my composers Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis. My cast worked so hard over the seven week rehearsals and the three week run of the show. I will never be able to thank them enough for their fine work bringing these characters to life.


The success of The Mirror's Revenge revived my love of theater in ways I did not expect. Yes, I am working on a new show. It is called Las Dos Flores, and it is an opera set in ancient Mesoamerica. Think Aida with Mayans instead of Egyptians. Read the details on the Works in Progress page.

Concept art for original screenplay
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Prince Charming takes charge
(click here to hear song "I Am that Hero!")
Evil King Krosus
(click here for spoilers synopsis)
The Mirror's Revenge debuted as the opening night entertainment for WorldCon 76 in San Jose, California on August 16, 2018. The show then ran for three weeks at Bay Area Stage in Vallejo, California, closing on September 3.  The show is currently under consideration by a major publisher, and by another local community theater. More news here as it develops!
Snow White's actual castle
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behind the fairy tale)
What Snow White would have looked like
Coloring Book Concept Cover
The mad monk Brother Daniel
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The mysterious Master Wing
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Karl's Men-at-Arms
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Some of my favorite Snow White art
by Jeffery Thomas
by Belialchan
by Lady Adler


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