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Welcome to the home for my creative work. I have posted my current work here so far. I will be adding records of my past work and sharing my plans for future projects as I update the site. Enjoy a browse around. Please feel free to come back often. There will surely be something new to explore. 

Dark Secrets Revealed 


What does that mean? It means I have found the more digging you do, the more you find the world is full of weird troublesome details, details that when connected, reveal a world that does not work as you expected. Stories you think you know have more to them. Oddities you thought were disparate coincidences turn out to be related. You expect the unexpected to show up in horror, but it is lurking in all genres. It is with this eye toward revealing dark secrets that I approach storytelling. 

Latest News
Publication, Audiobook 
and Stellar Review
of Goddess Chosen


Paper Angel Press released Book One of the Goddess Rising Series on August 1, 2019. The audiobook is now available from Audible. Trevor Wilson did a wonderful job narrating my world-spanning adventure, accents and all!


Links to all the editions and the audiobook are on the publisher's site paperangelpress.com/goddess-rising-series.

Kirkus Reviews had this to say about Goddess Chosen. “Hartlove fashions a riveting blend of history, religion, and horror in this briskly paced series opener. The author balances his ferocious imagination with historical passion. A masterful historical fantasy that informs as well as enthralls.” The full review is at https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/jay-hartlove/goddess-chosen/

Chosen Daughter (Book Two) will be published in Winter 2019, and Goddess Rising (Book Three) will be published in Spring 2020.

Goddess Chosen was originally published as The Chosen in 2011 by Damnation Books. Damnation also published Daughter Cell in 2013. That book is now being re-released as Goddess Daughter. Damnation went out of business in 2015. Since then I finished the third book, Goddess Rising, and the fantasy romance Mermaid Steel (which will also be published by Paper Angel Press in 2020). 

This series tells how the Egyptian goddess Isis seeks revenge on Sammael, the Prince of Liars a.k.a. the Devil, for his sabotage of Exodus. In Goddess Chosen, Isis reincarnates a High Priest to be her champion. His ruthless determination creates a whirlwind of madness and  destruction which ensnares importer Charles Redmond. Charles' psychiatrist Sanantha Mauwad tries to save his mind, but can she save his soul? 


Sanantha continues as the detective as the saga shifts to Malaysia in Goddess Daughter, and finally to Ireland in Goddess Rising.

Featured Selection

The Rest of the Story You Think You Know


Why did the Evil Queen want to kill Snow White instead of arranging a marriage to grow the kingdom? How “happily ever after” could Snow White live after being dead for six months? How did Snow’s father’s die? Who was really behind the mayhem, and are they done?


Welcome to The Mirror’s Revenge! Picking up right after the traditional Snow White tale, this sequel plays out events and reveals what was really going on in the first story. Inspired by the Evanescence song, “Bring Me To Life,” this musical production features fourteen original songs which fill in details like who were the dwarves (displaced Kalmyk Buddhist monks), and how did Snow White change the prince’s life?


The play and lyrics were written by dark fantasy novelist Jay Hartlove. The melodies and arrangements were written by Celtic rockers Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis. This is what happens when you get creative people together and no one tells them they can’t write a Broadway-worthy musical. This album is the the soundtrack of that musical. We thank the many talented musicians who generously contributed their voices and time to help us create this dream come true. Look out Broadway!

"Hartlove fashions a riveting blend of history, religion, and horror in this briskly paced series opener...The author balances his ferocious imagination with historical passion...A masterful historical fantasy that informs as well as enthralls."

– Kirkus Reviews about Goddess Chosen

"Jay Hartlove has fused several genres in a driving narrative sparkling with historical exotica. I recommend you buy this crazy novel."
- John Shirley, Bram Stoker Award winner about Goddess 


"Jay Hartlove is a master at his craft! Doling out the facts in small, but tantalizing morsels, he finds a way to raise the "woo-woo" factor, keep the tension high while blending science, science fiction, ancient beliefs and religions in Asia! His style is intense and confident as he balances multiple genres once again in this riveting piece of creative genius!"

- Dii, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer about Goddess Daughter

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